Water Beads Pack (42000 beads) Water Gel Beads Pearls for Water Gun V…




Safe refill or replacement for all Orbeez products. Soothing tactile Experience for kids with color recognition, counting & fine motor skill and language development.Water beads become transparent after absorb water. Color doesn’t fade nor dye. Circular particles with high elasticity and good toughness
Water beads need to soak for three hours or more. Water beads will grow to 9-11 mm, only then will you use it with the transmitter. Please note water beads will shrink under direct light and heat, it can return to normal size once it be placed under water
Environmentally friendly materials! Non-toxic, safe, not dyed! Can be recycled
You don’t have to tidy up any left over water beads pieces as it will slowly evaporate and disappear. This product doesn’t lead to pollution, and causes any harms to health and environment
After water absorbed, the magic jelly ball and squishy polymer beads become so elastic wet and slippery that stimulates you and challenges you to smash it. So, some customers and the beads and water into a balloon to make a new style stress balls or a massage ball