Variegated Gold Leaf Sheets – by Barnabas Blattgold – Color – Red – 1…




Variegated GOLD Leaf 14 x14cm 100 Sheets Colour : Red Variegated leaf are leafs that are heat treated to create patterns of varying colors. Colour : Red Quantity – 100 leaves Size : 5.5′ x 5.5″ ( 14cm x 14cm ) Thickness – approx 1 microns Product Information: Multi purpose gilding leaf, applicable onto all kinds of materials like wood, ceramic, glass, metal, paper, fabric, plastic, polyresin etc. Industrial use for such are in Interior Decoration, Renovation, Picture Framing. For hobbiest, can be used in gilding vases, and ceremic onaments, Furtnature restoration, Wall motifs, Scribe and Scrolls, Scrapbooking, Cards, Picture framing, Artision handicrafts. Please note these are imitation Gold leaf, which means they DO NOT contain any Gold. It is also known as composition leaf, and Dutch Leafs. They are used as a substitute to GENUINE GOLD leafs. Please note the leafs contain copper, and will oxidize when exposed to air, especially in humid and heated places. After application it is necessary to coat the finished product with a coating to prevent it from oxidizing.100 Sheets of Variegated RED leaf in a pack. 5-1/2-inch x 5-1/2-inch.
Create motifs and designs on motor bikes, cabinets and walls to customize a one of a kind effect
Turn old furniture into beautiful new looking centre pieces for your home
Gold leaf gilding can be used both professionally as well as a hobbyist on all types of items
100 sheets covers approx 20 sq feet of flat area. (cover less for carved areas) Ships From USA