USB Rechargeable Cordless Keyboard Cleaner Handheld Mini Pet Vacuum C…


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Why choose us?
*High quality motor, strong suction, quick cleaning
*Multiple filtration, clean and hygienic
*Double nozzle, one machine is multi-purpose, not idle
* Practical design, low noise, rounded contour and comfortable feel
* Fine workmanship, durable, high heat resistance
* Pet hair, soot, seeds, dust, dust can be sucked and cleaned
Product information:
Name: Rechargeable mini vacuum cleaner
Size: 196*137*30mm
Material: ABS + electronic components
Power supply: 2000MAH18650 lithium battery
Charging line: 0.8 meters
Working voltage: DC5V
Accessories: dust nozzle, vacuum brush
Rated power: 8W
Speed: 15000±10%r/min
Noise: ≤75dB
The package contains:
1* vacuum cleaner
1* vacuum nozzle
1* vacuum brush
1*USB data cable
1* filter
Safety and attention to the top:
1. Turn off the vacuum cleaner before removing the filter or installing the filter.
2. The filter should be cleaned at least once a month. When there is obvious accumulation on the filter, it should be cleaned immediately.
3. The vacuum cleaner must be operated with the filter installed.
4. Check if the filter is installed or damaged before using it again.
5, to avoid rain, close to hot objects, direct sunlight exposure. Do not touch any liquid.

◆TURBINE MOTOR: High-speed motor and advanced power technology. To ensure the vacuum power, the vacuum cleaner can speed up instantly and provide strong suction, effectively solve all kinds of dust and small particles, let you say goodbye to the cleaning problem.
◆STRONG FILTRATION: High-quality powdered activated carbon is used as adsorbent material, which has good adsorption and dust collecting effect, good formability, high strength and low airflow resistance. The filter is removable and easy to clean, clean and hygienic
◆LITHIUM-ION POWER: Built-in 2000mAh High capacity Li lithium battery, recycling 1000 times or so, still use 60% power after 5 years of use, low-speed gear 50 minutes of continuous non-stop, extreme speed charging, 4-5 hours full
◆INTELLIGENT NOISE REDUCTION: We have done noise reduction in the motor. Pure copper motor, thick copper wire, high-sensitivity rotary mandrel, aviation lubricating oil, keeps the noise low, runs smoothly, and saves electricity efficiently
◆MORE DETAILS: With indicator arrows, quick and easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to clean. There are air outlets on both sides of the main body, which is beneficial to heat dissipation and lasting and durable. USB charging design, convenient and practical