Universal 9mm Engine Oil Catch Tank Can For Honda Civic EG EK Integra…




Universal 9mm Engine Oil Catch Tank Can Filter Reservoir

Product Overview :

The Oil Catch Can aids in trapping the harmful engine blowby gases which can hinder engine performance and rob horsepower. A typical modern day gasoline powered engines are equipped with a blowby recirculation passage that reenters the harmful gases back into the combustion chamber for emissions purposes. When routed inline with the crankcase PCV system, this oil catch can traps the harmful gasoline/oil mixture that made their way through the piston rings, and out the valve cover. This way, the oil/gasoline mixed substance is not reentered into the combustion chamber, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient burn.

The blow-by gas which can be toxic is sent in to the mixture of fuel and air of a normal production engine can now be returned and sent to the combustion room along with the mixture with the use of this oil tank being separated from the toxic oil, and, where as in comparison to competition cars, the blow-by gas is let out into the atmosphere. This oil catch tank will not pollute the air or re-burn the unneeded toxic oil, but instead, catches it and recycles it into the tank.

Features :

– 100% Brand New

– Material : Aluminium

– Dimension : 150 mm ( Height ) x 80 mm ( Diameter )

– Hole Inlet Size : 9 mm

Notes :

– Not Including Installation Guide or Manual

– Professional Installation is Recommended

Fit For :

– 1984 – 1989 Toyota MR2 [ AW11 ]

– 1996 – 2001 Toyota Ipsum [ SMX10G / SMX15G ]

– 1983 – 1987 Toyota Corolla Levin ( a.k.a. Sprinter Trueno ) [ AE86 ]

– 1991 – 1995 Toyota Corolla Levin ( a.k.a. Sprinter Trueno ) [ AE101 ]

– 1995 – 2000 Toyota Corolla Levin ( a.k.a. Sprinter Trueno ) [ AE111 ] ( Does Not Fit For Wagon Model )

– 1990 – 1993 Toyota Supra [ JZA70 ] ( non-ABS Model )

*** Please make sure it fit your car before100% Brand New Item