Ultimate Triumph Collection: One Man’s Obsession (Illustrated History…





Ultimate Triumph Collection presents 80 perfect Triumphs, from early singles to a perfect Speed Twin; from an iconic 1953 Blackbird to a pair of 1970 Bonnevilles, all belonging to one man.
Building a collection of motorcycles like this is no different from building a bike. It doesn’t happen quickly, it requires patience, it requires skill – and you only get it done one bolt, one bike, at a time. Over the course of thirty years, Bobby Sullivan and his small team of craftsmen have assembled what is likely the best private collection of pristine vintage Triumph motorcycles in the world.
Chapter one describes the builder, Bobby Sullivan, the man with the vision and drive to continue building bikes long after his initial goals were met. Chapter two introduces the team that builds the bikes, and the process of finding individual machines, and restoring them to better than new condition.
Chapter three documents nearly 80 pages with studio images of the left and right side of each machine. If you’ve ever wondered what is the correct color or trim for a particular model, this is your bible. Each of these bikes is a number ten.
Like a beauty pageant, the hard part is picking the best of the best. The favorites, the most alluring, the most obscure from a collection that is nothing but alluring. No matter how hard it is, chapter four offers photos and anecdotes on the exceptional examples from Bobby’s collection. The 1937 H3, the 1938 Speed Twin, the 1960 and ‘61 Bonnevilles. And the pièce de résistance, the 1954 T110 with Swallow side car.
Illustrated with abundant images by well-known photographer Timothy Remus, and printed on high quality seventy-pound paper, this ten-by-ten hardcover book is one that any motorcycle enthusiast will want to add to his or her collection.