TTS MasterTune Single Bike Kit 2000008…




• For HD motorcycles that utilize the diagnostic interface• Tunes your factory ECM• Detailed data acquisition aids in tuning diagnostics• Save and restore original factory calibration• Individually adjust front and rear cylinder volumetric efficiency and ignition timing plus 22 other adujstable tables and parameters• Adjust for different fuel injector flow rates• Preset limits prevent adjusting values beyond reasonable settings• Change factory RPM limit and speedometer calibration• 2-D and 3-D graphing of tables to help visualize tuning maps )Note: MasterTune-HD can be licensed for programming use on either single or dual vehicles and the interface will ‘lock’ to the vehicle the first time it is used for programming. The Dual vehicle model allows for the use of 1 unit on 2 different bikes and locks to the VIN number in the ECU of both bikes.MasterTune-HD is a Windows-based ECM reprogramming tool specifically for use with Harley-Davidson motorcycles that utilize the diagnostic interface.
MasterTune-HD also supports 2005 and later Retrofit ECM Service Modules when installed on earlier vehicles.
Note: The TTS MasterTune software is compatible with Windows XP through Windows 7.
Both 32- and 64-bit versions of these operating systems are supported.
MasterTune-HD Features: