Triumph Motorcycle: Restore & Repair…




Far too many classic motorcycles spend their time sitting in the back of a garage or barn, often because the owners have become frustrated with getting them to run properly, or because they have become so unreliable that they are deemed not worth the effort. The goal here is to help owners make them look, and run, better than they did when new.

Making classic machines run like the new ones means the use of new technology. Recommendations cover important areas such as carburetion, charging circuits, and ignitions. If you can get those three areas to work well, you’re sure to have a vintage Triumph you can use as a regular ride. A great way to cover complex tasks such as timing the camshafts or assembling the forks is provided with abundant photos; over 500 of which show how to assemble a 650 Twin and a complete Triumph motorcycle.

This how-to-Triumph book was put together with help from mechanics at Baxter Cycles, as well as individual restoration specialists. The author provides information that’s sure to move your old Triumph from the garage to show condition, and from the barn to the local Bike Night.