Triple Elite Liberty Oil, 4oz Bottle of the Best Oil for Lubricating …




Triple Elite is formulated to penetrate and lubricate all types of moving parts. It will increase your equipment’s life and reduce down time caused by dirty and improperly lubricated parts. Ordinary cleaners are solvent based. Feel them. They don’t have any lubricating guts to lubricate the surface. Triple Elite is oil based. Feel it. It coats the surface with an oil film that cuts friction, cleans, and protects. So not only will you clean your equipment you will be lubricating and protecting it. Triple Elite actually coats each particle and acts like tiny ball bearings so that the particles slide over the surface and are easily removed. Triple Elite is oil based so it does not evaporate making it lasts 3 times longer. Great for cleaning and lubricating All ClocksFormation of a Triple Barrier Shield to protect against rust and other corrosive buildup
Formation of a protective shield that rejects abrasive particles such as dirt, sand and salt, and protects against moisture
Comes with 1.5 inch 18 gauge stainless steel Pharmaceutical grade applicator
Superior extreme pressure and anti-wear properties in order to increase equipment life and reduce downtime
Will not affect any seal materials or coatings