TeacherGeek Build-a-Boat Electric Motor Boat STEM | STEAM Activity…


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Ahoy! Set sail with TeacherGeek in this engaging true STEM | STEAM “Build a Boat” activity kit.
Watch as kids experiment and tinker, evolving their boats through the engineering & design process. They craft their hulls from the recycling bin (using milk jugs, foam trays, pool noodles and more), adding motors, propellers, connector strips, gears and other components to explore buoyancy and power. Earn your sea legs and learn through doing while competing in thrilling engineering challenges. This activity incorporates TeacherGeek mini hub assemblies, allowing kids to build their own unique propellers by changing blade shape, angle and amount. Promote creativity and innovation in this wet + wild project, perfect for science fairs, clubs, classrooms, scouts or the kitchen table.
Tinker forever with TeacherGeek.▲ With TeacherGeek, kids really design and construct their own electric motor boat creations using real tools and engineering concepts
▲ Features FREE document resources – build guides, labs and engineering + design challenges to inspire competitive innovation
▲ Compatible with recycling bin components, 3-D printables or additional materials for endless solutions
▲ Encourages creativity and reach higher cognitive domains as you build, re-design and race in your own regatta of inventors
▲ Explores concepts of force, resistance, the benefits of material choices, blade angle/pitch, circuits and simple machines