STRiPiNATOR ® Model MWS-808 Wire Stripping Machine Copper Stripper Re…


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NEW STRiPiNATOR Model MWS-808 Manual Wire Stripping Machine Model by BLUEROCK TOOLS TURN THAT PILE OF WIRE INTO A PILE OF CASH!! SPECIFICATIONS: Wire Range: 14AWG – 1-1/2″ OD THIS MACHINE CAN STRIP ROMEX BRAND CABLE AND OTHER NM CABLE! ONE OF THE ONLY MANUAL WIRE STRIPPING MACHINES ON THE MARKET THAT I KNOW OF THAT STRIPS ROMEX!! 9 Channels of Cutters 9 Cutting Blades Cutting Speed: Depends on the user DON’T WASTE TIME WITH THE OTHER MANUAL WIRE STRIPPERS THAT YOU HAVE TO ADJUST EVERYTIME YOU CHANGE WIRE SIZES!!! THIS MACHINE AUTOMATICALLY ADJUSTS!!!! What seperates this manual machine from the competition is the above statement. Anyone that’s used a standard wire stipper knows that it takes a lot of time and man power to adjust the blade up and down and up and down. This machine saves you that time. Basically there is 1 set of cutter/roller. It’s made to cut the tops of wire. The spring loaded mechanism on the top allows you to adjust the tension of the cutters depending on what wire or jacket size you are cutting- this prolongs the blade life. We carry spare parts in stock for this machine, so if you need anything in the future, feel free to contact us. Spare Blades are $5 per blade and there are 9 blades per machine. This is a high quality Benchtop Wire Stripper that’s made to last. Give us a call if you have any questions about our machine at 206-604-8363. Thanks for the interest and let us know if you have any other questions. -PATENT PENDING- ROMEX is a registered trademark of Southwire CompanyMWS-808 Manual Wire Stripper