Shine Armor Revive Scratch Swirl Remover & Repair – Paint Remover for…




This revolutionary formula is a dramatic improvement over regular products when it comes to taking your DIY detailing game to the next level.
Removes oxidation, scratches & swirls without damaging the paint.
Restores your car’s shine in a single take.
No fillers, no waxes. Pure quality from the get-go.
Safe, effective and can be applied by hand.
Creates little to no dusting, and great finishes with a nice grape scent.
#1 product in scratch repairs.OXIDATION, SCRATCH & SWIRL REMOVER – Get rid of damages to your vehicle without hurting the paint! No need to pay high prices to get these repairs fixed! Easy, convenient bottle & application process you can do at home!
DETAIL GRADE COMPOUNDS – Shine Armor brings high-end detail grade products directly to you! Save money & time with our Revive Scratch Repair. It is EASY, QUICK & SAFE to apply to any car.
PREMIUM PAINT RESTORER – Restore the shine & sparkle to your paint while treating unwanted scratches & swirls! Treats water spots, oxidations & many other contaminants that ruin your paint!
REVOLUTIONARY FORMULA – Revive Scratch Repair contains NO FILLERS OR WAXES. Remove oxidation, scratches & Swirls without damaging the paint! It even creates little to no dusting!



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