SalaBox-Accessories – Car Headlight Restoration Liquid Polish Kit 30M…




1. It effectively eliminates the car light scratches and solves yellowing, blurring, oxidation and other problems.
2. It is easy to operate with high transparency and strong adhesion.
3. It helps to extend the service life of the car light.

Operation Methods:
1. Sanding: Sand with different sandpapers, first with coarse sandpapers and then with fine sandpapers. Finally, sand with 2000# sandpapers dipped with water. (The effect of this product has obvious relationship with the sanding. So careful sanding is necessary.)
2. Cleaning: Clean the light cover with water, dry the cover with tissue and wipe the cover with towel.
3. Applying: Pour some restoration on the applying cloth until it is completely wet after the product is shaken evenly. Slowly apply the restoration to the car light from right to left, then the light becomes clear and bright. Wait for about 10-20 minutes to see whether the light remains unchanged. If yes, continue. If it is partially matte, one more applying is needed. (It will be curing for 2 to 24 hours after you apply. Reapplying is not allowed at this time.)
4. Drying: Let it naturally dry after you apply without light or lighting requirement. The operation won’t be affected by any condition the whole day. Light surface will be dry after 1-2 hours and normal car wash is allowed after 24 hours.

Material: silicon dioxide
Capacity: 30mL

1 x Car headlight restoration Liquid
1 x 400# Sandpaper
1 x 800# Sandpaper
1 x 2000# Sandpaper
1 x Sponge
1 x Long tape
2 x Dust-free paper
1 x Manual

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