Motor Oil 15W-40 CI-4 PLUS / SL Diesel and Gasoline Super Duty /1 Gal…




HS X3M Performance Maximum Protection Motor Oils are high quality, newly engineered, and technically superior gasoline and diesel engine lubricants. These oils are designed not only for the normal or customary engine requirements, but are formulated to meet the extreme demands of today’s high RPM, close tolerance engines, including those that are turbo-charged. Have been designed to deliver the ultimate in engine protection for the high-powered/high-tech engines. These oils meet today’s low phosphorus level requirements. By properly balancing the phosphorus levels in the oil, engineers have been able to formulate enhanced lubricants that meet the EPA’s stringent clean air requirements. The low phosphorus design also aids in extending the life of today’s expensive catalytic converters. The high-shear/high-temperature additives protect against thermal breakdown and also provide for longer oil drain intervals. Meet or exceed the strict standards set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API) SL and all earlier API performance classifications or specifications. These oils are available in both mono grade and multi grade SAE viscosity grades (weights). In all viscosity grades, these oils are fully approved for API SL and carry the API SL performance “Donut” which reflects a seal of approval and compliance.HS X3M Performance Maximum Protection Motor Oils