Max Pack Detailing Kit 2-2EZ Carnauba Spray Wax + Diamond Premium Pol…





The quality and value of this bundle speaks for itself.
2x 16 oz. Bottles Carnauba Spray Wax: Spray on paint surface or pad to apply. 2EZ Wax enhanced formula removes Tar, Grease, Grime, Tree Sap, Bug Splatter, Bird Droppings, Oxidation, Swirl Marks, and Light Scratches. Wax a car in 15/20 min.#1 Brazilian Carnauba wax provides a fantastic long-lasting shinning finish of up to 90 days
1x 16 oz. Bottle, Diamond Series Premium Polish: Treat your vehicle’s paint by bathing it in a rich blend of waxes and emollients that sooth and restore the finish to a showroom condition. Easy on/easy off finishing wax that gives you extensive protection from UVA/UVB rays, acid rain, car washes, road film, among others
1x 16 oz. Bottle, Satin 2 Shine Tire & Plastic Dressing: One spray restores a new look to tire sidewalls & exterior plastic surfaces. Solvent based formula, unlike water based ones, gives you great results for 3 weeks. FOR EXTERIOR USE
1x 16 oz. Bottle, R3 Rapid Rim Restore: Clean tires and rims make clean cars look great! R3 is great on both surfaces. Wheels collect nasty contaminants like brake dust, grime & road film. Spray this 1 step cleaner & let it go to work. R3 rapidly dissolves tough contaminants from aluminum, chrome, painted & plastic trim wheels. Spray on, hose off & enjoy!
1x 16 oz. Bottle, Oxy Enhanced Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner: Concentrated blend of detergent & cleaners instantly emulsify dirt ink & oils then combines with Oxygen enhanced surfactants to immediately release soil and stains from carpet & upholstery fibers for easy removal.
Set Of Applicators: 2x 4″ Foam Yellow Wax Applicators, 3x 18×24 in. Synthetic Detailing Chamois, 2x 16 sq. in. Micro Fiber Cloth. You Even Get 5 Black Cherry Air Freshener Vent Sticks!

LIMITED UNITS: We Don´t Know How Long This Fantastic Value Bundle Will Last, So Be Quick And Grab Yours Now!PERFECT DETAILER MAX PACK CONTENT: Set of 2 16 oz. Carnauba Spray Wax Bottles, 1 16 oz. Diamond Series Premium Polish Bottle, 1 16 oz. Satin 2 Shine Tire & Plastic Dressing Bottle, 1 16 oz. R3 Rapid Rim Restore Bottle, 1 16 oz. Oxy Enhanced Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner Bottle. 5 Vent Sticks Black Cherry Air Freshener, Set of 2 4″ Foam Yellow Wax Applicators, Set of 3 15 sq. in. Synthetic Detailing Chamois, Set of 2 16 sq. in. Micro Fiber Cloth.