Lexol E301126000 Vinylex Protectant, 16.9 oz….




Lexol Vinylex Protectant, 1/2 L. Vinylex gently cleans, conditions, protects and renews vinyl, rubber and plastic without leaving an excessively greasy look or feel. DH-60 Ultraviolet Sunscreen, one of the strongest on the market, protects against fading, cracking or drying caused by age, environmental pollution and the suns ultraviolet rays. Apply with a Lexol Applicator Sponge or soft, 100% cotton cloth, allow to penetrate the vinyl for 10-15 minutes and then buff off the excess with another soft, 100% cotton cloth. Leaves a satin finish without greasiness and does not contain raw silicone oil. The lowest sheen product we have found.Patented liquid that cleans and protects vinyl, rubber and plastic
Reduces “bloom”- a discoloration from dirt associated with other protectants
DH60 UV sunscreen blocks UV rays
Low gloss finish for use on cars, boats, planes, motorcycles and household items