KD Kaidi Power Recliner Motor Lift Chair Actuator KDPT007-02 for Part…


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Users can save money with a KD motor for lift chairs (KDPT007-02). This replacement KD (or “Kaidi”) motor (or actuator) for lift chairs and electric recliners will fit many different brands and models, including Ashley, Drive, HTL, Restwell, and others. This is an OEM KD Actuator offered by ProFurnitureParts. The 75 watt KDPT007-02 actuator uses the tried & true worm drive system to move a white moving block along the 17″ worm gear. This foolproof system activates the recliner and footrest mechanism in your chair. The simplicity means that the cost can be kept to a minimum, and the drive units are relatively easy to replace. The KDPT007-02 will also replace version KDPT005-38 uses a 5-pin female connector and a 2-pin stereo-style plug (1-round, 1-flat)OEM KD KAIDI Power Recliner Actuator Model KDPT007-02