Fumoto F-107N Engine Oil Drain Valve…




Incorporating Fumoto’s most compact ball valve, Fumoto’s FN series valves are designed to fit cars, light trucks, vans and select commercial engines. These models are equipped with a nipple which allows a hose to be attached for convenient draining. Constructed of forged brass and stainless steel to exacting Japanese specifications, the FN series valves are designed to provide a lifetime of dependable and reliable service. The size of engine oil drain valve is 12 millimeters – 1.75. Used to drain engine oil with the touch of a finger and eliminates stripped threads. It replaces drain plug for quick, easy, clean oil change. It is also ideal for drawing small sample of oil for oil analysis. Helps to avoid contact with hot oil and prevents hands and clothes from getting messed up.NOTE: The FN series are NOT RECOMMENDED for engines with low ground clearance.One Touch Operations
Reducing Oil Changing Time and Expense
Eliminate Stripped Threads
No More Contact with Hot Oil
No Messy Hands or Clothes