Doc Bailey’s Leather Detail Kit Black – Restore Your Black Leather & …




Nothing Beats The Original Doc Bailey’s Leather Black. Doc Baileys actually contains a Leather Dye pigment that restores lost colour. It will also cleans, nourishes and waterproof. The original Doc Bailey’s Leather Black gently cleans leather with specially formulated detergents which will actually lift dirt out while opening the pores of the leather allowing the lanolin oil to flow into the leather nourishing and softening it. Doc Bailey’s Leather Black actually penetrates deep into the leather to restores lost colour. As a finishing touch, special waxes lock the colour in which protects and waterproofs your leather.WATERPROOF, CLEAN, AND CONDITION – The gentle detergents used in Doc Bailey’s Original Leather Detail Kit cleans leather by lifting dirt and grime out without damaging it. The lanolin oil nourishes, and waterproofs any piece of leather that it is used on.
UTILIZES SPECIALLY FORMULATED DETERGENTS – Doc Bailey’s takes great pride in the special detergents they have developed to clean and maintain your leather. These detergents lift dirt out and open the pores for maximum and easy cleaning!
CONTAINS NO SILICONE OR PETROLEUM – This product uses neither silicone nor petroleum because silicone can crack your leather, is non-reversible and cannot be removed, and petroleum can make your leather floppy and deteriorate it further.
SPECIAL WAXES LOCK THE COLOR IN – Doc Bailey’s uses a superior and special wax that locks in the color of your leather and protects it from UV rays, weather, heavy use, moisture, and sweat and body oil or anything else that might deteriorate color.
USE FOR ANY LEATHER PRODUCT – Doc Bailey’s produces the perfect kit that is safe to use on ANY leather product that you have. It’s not limited to jackets and boots; it works on couches, chairs, saddles, car, and motorcycle seats, chaps or pants, and more!