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Get Ready To Enjoy Some Pure Old Fashioned Fun With Pindaloo Skills Toy
Made by adding a fun new twist to traditional skills toys, Pindaloo is the ultimate skills toy of 2018 made to provide you with countless hours of fun the good old fashion way!
Made from durable materials that are eco-friendly, our creative toys help you channel your inner creativity while helping you channel your energy in a fun and productive way!
You don’t have to connect it to the internet or worry about breaking it, just learn the first step and you’ll find yourself spending countless hours having fun without even knowing!

Unlimited Fun For Everyone!
Playing games on an iPhone or laptop is fun and all but nothing comes close to games that require you to physically engage and challenge. Pindaloo is simple but the more you play with it the more possibilities you’ll start to find!
You can either loop the balls from side to side or master it to do some crazy and incredibly funs tricks that are guaranteed to impress anyone!

Why This’ll Be Your New Favorite Skills Toy?
– Practice anywhere anytime, both indoors and outdoors
– Can improve eye-hand coordination as well as fine motor skills
– No need to charge, wear or connect to the internet – it’s just good old fashion fun!
– Super durable and recyclable ensuring a healthy environment
– Makes the perfect gift for almost everyone!

What’s Included:
1 x Pindaloo Tube
1 x Ball
2 x Lids

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INCREDIBLY FUN & ENGAGING: Pindaloo is a creative, challenging and fun toy which creates many possibilities of play and do funny tricks. Once mastered, we guarantee you won’t be able to put it down. The ultimate skill toy to develop your creativity, motor skills and hand-eye coordination.
TAKE IT EVERYWHERE: Whether you’re going to the beach, office, camping or simply looking for a fun way to pass time indoors Pindaloo has you covered! It comes with two lids to keep the balls inside, it’s strong, durable and easy to store away safely.
MADE TO LAST: Made using durable and eco-friendly plastic, this is a skill toy that’s made to last. There aren’t many toys out there that you can throw to a plastic recycle bin exactly as they come out of the factory. Pindaloo is exceptional in that aspect.
A GREAT GIFT: Today it’s harder than ever before to find a gift that is both fun and practical. Pindaloo makes the perfect gift for all kinds of occasions including birthdays, Christmas, New Year’s or simply as a fun ‘Just Because’ gift for someone special!
A RISK-FREE PURCHASE: Customer satisfaction always has and always will be our top priority. Each purchase is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty so that you can order knowing you are making a risk-free investment.