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KEEP EYES YOUNG – Protect and guard your eyesight by blocking UV rays – reduce crows feet aging and wrinkles around eye area – less headaches from bright light – 100% satisfaction guaranteed
Bluetooth part

A. Switch on/off the phone.

1 boot: long press the bluetooth key for 5 seconds, you will hear a beep “Power on” and bluetooth indicator light red light flashing, said the bluetooth has been turned on and enter standby mode

2 shutdown: in the bluetooth standby mode, long press the bluetooth key for 5 seconds, you will hear a beep “Power off”, the red light, blue light flash 3 after extinguished, said bluetooth is Power off

B. The bluetooth pairing

1: under the shutdown of bluetooth mode, long press the bluetooth key (about 5 seconds) until the bluetooth indicator light alternating red and blue lights flashing, when bluetooth in matching state

2: in the condition of matching, via bluetooth phone begins searching for the equipment, the equipment named “SM21” to find the equipment, manual connection “SM21”, after the success of the match, can hear voice remind matching success, the red light flashing, at this time will automatically enter the standby mode.

C. Answering the hang up the phone

When there is a call came in, short press the bluetooth key to answer the call, voice reminds at the same time; In the process of calls, short press the bluetooth key to hang up the phone, voice reminds at the same time.

D. Refuse to answer the phone

When there is a call came in, long press the bluetooth key for about 2 seconds can refuse to answer the phone. Voice reminds at the same time.

E. The phone automatically dial

In the bluetooth device normal online, short press the bluetooth boot key 2 times in a row, at the sound of a du, and voice prompt this equipment automatic dial-up dial the telephone number of the last time.
Such as cycling/ fishing/ travelling/ climbing. Anytime you wear it, it wil give you very clear visual feast
UV400 PROTECTION: The lens of sports sunglasses are 100% UV400 protection coating, blocks 100% harmful UVA & UVB rays. Restore true color, eliminate reflected light and scattered light and protect your eyes perfectly.
SMART SPORT SUNGLASSES: Bluetooth 4.0 music sunglasses, the earbuds for listening to music from your phone or answering calls. It could use any of the phones iPhone6/ 7/ 7S, Samsung Galaxy S3 S4 S5, Note2 / Note3, HTC, LG. The Bluetooth sunglass is already having CE, ISO9001 certificate to make sure our customer have perfect experience.
DETACHABLE DESIGN: The design of the Bluetooth headsets could be detached. Works great if you’re on the road and need hands free. Answer button is on the sunglasses. If you don’t need it, the headphones can be removed from the glasses. It’s very easy to pair. Can either be both ears or one side.