COLOURLOCK Leather Repair Kit with Ivory Leather Dye for repairing sc…


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COLOURLOCK Leather Repair kit with Leather Dye is ideal to repair scratches, abrasion or slight fading on leather furniture, leather car seats, jackets, handbags or other leather items. It involves a simple 3 step process to repair: Step 1 – Cleaning Step 2 – Apply the color Step 3 – Apply the Leather Protector All instruction are included below. Firstly, clean the leather thoroughly. Use COLOURLOCK Mild Leather Cleaner against normal degrees of soiling. Cleaning prior to treatment prevents the fixation of dirt on the leather’s surface through the use of colour or care. Use the cleaning sponge contained in this kit or just a dry terry cloth. Once the surface has been prepared, apply COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh to revitalise the leather’s original color in the case of scratches, abrasions or slight fading which is often found in vehicle seat side bolsters and furniture sitting areas. Instructions for applying the color are clearly stated on the bottle. Wipe and dab the color to generate more covering power and dry with a hair dryer or heat gun. Finally a day later, apply COLOURLOCK Leather Protector using the cloth included. With its antioxidants, it stops the leather’s decay, and its UV filters protect the surfaces from color fading and will make the leather soft and supple once again. This kit includes: – 1 x COLOURLOCK Leather Fresh (Leather dye) 5fl oz – 1 x COLOURLOCK Mild/Strong Leather Cleaner 4.22fl oz – 1 x COLOURLOCK Leather Protector 5fl oz – 1 x Cleaning Sponge – 1 x Sponge for Leather Fresh application – 1 x Cleaning ClothMade in Germany
Ideal repair & touch up kit for scuffs, scratches, faded leather or recoloring leather
Involves a simple 3 step process
Instructions are clearly stated on the individual labels and also in the description below
Contains enough to treat future damages as well. Enough to treat a whole set of furniture or car interior