Collecting and Restoring Antique Bicycles…




THE source for everyone interested in antique bicycles-admiring them, or riding along in style! Finally, the most authoritative and sought after reference book for the antique bicycle collector is available again. A comprehensive sourcebook for everyone from the beginning hobbyist to the advanced collector, this new second edition provides a complete overview of these marvelous machines. Packed with 350 illustrations and photos, this book covers the development of the bicycle from the earliest 1817 hobby horse, through the elegant high-wheelers, tri- and quadricycles, to safety bicycles and interesting 20th century models. The new edition includes:

-Tips on locating antique bikes, and determining their condition and authenticity.

-How to ride the several varieties of high-wheel bicycle.

-Detailed information on early manufacturers, models, and design features.

-The first appearance of drive shafts, rack and pinion steering, differential gears, multi-speed gearing, band brakes É all invented for the bicycle!

-Restoration versus preservation, including when and how to strip and re-paint.

-The antique bicycle club movement, and the growing interest in collecting antique and special interest bikes.

-An appendix of antique bicycle resources, from bicycle museums the world over to machinists who can make replacement parts.

-An appendix of 2100 brands of bicycle made in America before 1918, with their manufacturer, city of origin, and date of first notice.