Cleesink 3/4 HP High Torque Food Waste Disposer, Kitchen Sink Garbage…


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Item Weight: 16.5 lbs
Product Dimensions: 7*7*13 in
Motor Type: AC induction motor
Input Power: 560W
Noise Level: 15-25dB
Dish washer: Connectable
Air Switch: Included
Grinding system material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 1450mL
Packing Size: 12*8.6*16 in
Warranty: 3-Year
Standard Lifetime: 8-10 Years
Cleesink disposers are designed to fit sink with a 3.5 in sink hole.
If the sink hole is not this size, it is a simple matter to connect your disposer by use of one of the following sized sink connectors: 5.5 in, 5.7 in, 6.2 in and 7.0 in

In addition, we sell accessories as follows:
Built-out air switch
Prolonged air swith
Standard air switch assembly
Air switch holder(35 in)/(28 in)
Metal/Plastic feeding mouth assembly
Sink adapter 5.5/5.7/6.2/7.0 in
T pipe/4-way pipe assembly
Pipe adapter
Mental feeding mouth 4.3/4.5 in

Install Video:

About price
We give the most competitive discount. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need them.
Cleesink grind technology:
Super 4-stage grinding system can grind up food waste into smaller pieces, and makes tough to grind foods a thing of the past as food waste is virtually liquefied to safely flow into your sewage system.
Disposer Do’s and Don’ts
For trouble-free disposer operations remember these tipes. To freshen your disposer, occasionally grind citrus fruit peels. Use cold water while you operating your disposer, never pour grease or fats into your disposer or drains.What in the box
The Cleesink Disposal, cable, three way pipe, underwater pipe, small wrench, rubber gasket, elbow flange, instructions.HIGH EFFICIENCY – 1.0 horsepower motor Communication motor with large torque, strong processing power. 47-ounce AC motor that rotates at 2800 RPMs for efficient performance. 4-stage grind technology, not easily clogged drains.