Cleesink 1/2 HP Food Waste Disposal, Kitchen Continuous Feed Garbage …


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About Cleesink
Cleesink1/2-HP SUPER QUIET Garbage Disposer,Dc permanent magnet motor With a high-speed 2800 r.p.m, Super 4-stage grinding system.
It makes grinding more efficient.Cleesink disposal three point snap design, quick installation, easy installation and removal.
Cleesink concentrates on designing, developing, producing and selling food waste disposers.
It has strong product development capability and technical reserves, sophisticated testing equipment, complete quality control system, advanced production line,strict assembly process,excellent supply system

Item Weight: 10.14 lbs
Product Dimensions: 7*7*15 in
Packing Size:9.8*9.8*17 in
Input Power: 390W
Dish Washer: Connectiable
Air Switch: Not Included
Capacity: 1450ml
Cleesink disposers are designed to fit sink with a 3.5 in sink hole.
If the sink hole is not this size, it is a simple matter to connect your disposer by use of one of the following sized sink connectors: 5.5 in, 5.7 in,6.2 in and7.0 in

We sell accessories as follows:
Built-out/Prolonged air switch
Standard air switch assembly
Air switch holder35/28 in
Metal/Plastic feeding mouth assembly
Sink adapter 5.5/5.7/6.2/7.0 in
T pipe/4-way pipe assembly
Pipe adapter
Mental feeding mouth 4.3/4.5 in

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Install Video:

HIGH EFFICIENCY – 1/2 horsepower motor with a high speed of 2800 rpm, Grinding ability <3 mm