Build Your Own Klunker Turn Your Vintage Schwinn Bicycle into a 26″ B…



Stop wasting time fixing some overpriced import mountain bike with shocks that leak and gears that won’t shift. It’s time to build your own USA custom made singlespeed klunker! Older electroforged Schwinns are inexpensive, last forever, and in large supply on Ebay. Since these bikes don’t ever expire, everyone has one, bringing their price way down. These American steel frame bikes are cool, tuff as nails, and very reasonably priced. Restoring an old bicycle with some newer and lighter parts is super easy. I’ll show you how. If you read this book, you should be proficient at building or restoring older Schwinn, Columbia, Huffy, Murray, Western Flyer, Sears, and many other bicycles. This book is printed in black and white to keep costs down, but comes with a full color PDF ebook for your computer or smart phone. Just check out the bonus website link in the book. Annihilate the dirt trails with a 26″ klunker, just like the original “mountain bike” riders did in the 70’s.