Bertoni Aviator Motorcycle Vintage Goggles Photochromic Lenses F188PH…




New motorcycle goggles from Bertoni Italy. The front frame is reduced in dimensions in comparison of the classic vintage goggles in order to ensure a perfect fitting to all helmets. Adjustable strap with embroidered black logo. Front frame in polycarbonate and stainless steel. Ventilated thanks to the special cuts on the upper surface of the front frame to prevent lenses fogging up. Lenses are made in polycarbonate anti crash, 2,4mm thickness. Available in clear lens and in clear lens with anti glare coating “silver mirror. Bertoni provides lifetime after sale service for all Bertoni goggles and sunglasses. Bertoni provides lifetime after sale service for all Bertoni goggles and sunglasses.Black leather goggles with chromed frame – Compact design great for wearing with helmets – Size: suitable for all types of faces (narrow to large) – Wide peripheral vision
LENS: The one and lonely vintage motorcycle goggles with photochromic lenses from clear to smoke – it adapts to changes in light – they darken from category 0 transparent (foggy days, bad weather, night driving) to smoke category 2 sun tint (outdoors, medium/high brightness), this lens adapts itself to changes in light, allows bikers to drive night and day without changing lenses. The surface is treated by a very light appealing flash mirror coating
Adjustable strap to give a close fit with any open face helmet – Embroidered black logo on the strap
Air Control System – Special ventilation to prevent lenses fogging up
Designed for Helmets – Wraparound design: protects the eyes from wind, splashes and bad weather – Lifetime warranty. The video that you can see as last image is related to the photochromic version F188PH



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