Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia: 360 days-worth of $#!+ you don’t …


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Are you tired of those dog-eared old copies of Motorcyclist and Cycle World that have been sitting on your toilet tank, and that you’ve been flipping through once a day since 2004? Well, buy a copy of the Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia, you’ll have 365 new entries to peruse. Day 20: What was the first production motorcycle with electronic fuel injection? (Honda CX500 Turbo, 1982) Day 106: Why is Mike Hailwood still the best road racer who’s ever lived, no matter what Valentino Rossi’s fans say? (Two words. No, two letters: TT) Day 193: How did that crazy guy who built ‘Roadog’ die? (Spoiler: In a police shoot-out!) Mark Gardiner is the author of the cult classic Riding Man, and a motorcycle journalist whose writing has appeared in every major English-language motorcycle magazine. He’s written some of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and moving stories ever published about motorcycles. This book doesn’t contain any that stuff.