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6 alphabet blocks + 5 chunky shapes = so many colors and textures to discover.

The ABC block party from B toys provides hours of fun and giggles for your baby or toddler, as well as many developmental assets for your baby and toddler. They will enjoy stacking all 6 blocks and knocking them back down (this is the best part!), but this soft block set offers a unique feature: 5 interchangeable inserts shaped in different forms that anyone will want to shake, rattle and roll… toddlers, babies, and even kids a little older. All 6 blocks are soft and offer lots to discover: colors, letters, images, and textures. Stackable, squishable, interchangeable… the ABC block party are above all lovable! every block is covered in beautiful fabric and completely non-toxic. It also comes with a reusable bag that feels like fabric, yet is 100% made of recycled plastic.

Just B. Just you. b. YouInterchangeable soft block toy set! 6 Super soft blocks for baby to grab and discover with 5 interchangeable and textured inserts to shake, rattle and roll!
6 Squishable blocks! soft alphabet blocks with plenty of colors and textures. Corduroy, velvety, plush… they’re all Super soft and Lightweight!
5 fun inserts! baby-friendly and easy to manipulate, these chunky shapes are interchangeable and fun to shake, rattle and roll!
Easy-to-grab! with their unique opening in the middle, the ABC block party alphabet blocks are easy for baby to grab and manipulate.
BPA free! these soft fabric blocks are BPA and phthalates free.
Beautiful reusable bag! 100% recycled plastic, put it all away at the end of the day.
Sensory toy! this building blocks toy is a great way to learn concepts like colors, letters, hand-eye coordination and gross and fine motor skills.
Trustworthy! battat is a family-owned company that has been established in 1897.
B. Powerful! we.Org receives a portion of sales from every B. Toy purchased.