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The glass sticker is made of glue-free material, which is easy to install and has privacy and decoration while ensuring sufficient light.

You’ll enjoy using it to decorate your kitchen, living room, front door, Bathroom, bedroom, sliding door etc. Let’s go and decorate your glass door.

Our products:

★3D flash point semi-permeable static Glass Sticker is made of imported materials, with flash points on the surface, flashing under the illumination of light, blurred pattern of common ground glass,perfect and brilliant color of flash point Glass Sticker.

★Our frosted glass sticker Privacy effect is much better than ordinary glass sticker, waterproof scratch, not easy to warp.

★Totally Reusable, Fantastic Eco Choice.

★Removable glass sticker leaves no residue on the glass.

★Protect your health, protects your furniture from fading.

Usage method:

1.Clean the glass surface first and keep it smooth.

2. Tear off the transparent protective film (with the help of tape).

3. Spray a lot of water on the glass before pasting.

4. Stick the smooth side of the sticker to the glass.

5.Use rulers or cards to remove water and bubbles.

6. Use a knife to cut off excess parts, and then do not move the stickers.

Warm Tips:

Due to manual measurement,Please allow us to have an error of 1-2cm.

1.Sizes:W15.7xL63inch In Per Roll.
2.Multi function:Waterproof and scratch-proof,electrostatic adsorption,Strengthen glass,Provide Good Privacy, Protect Skin And Eyes, And Prevent Furniture From Fading And Aging,Can block some harsh sunlight,When you enjoy the natural sunshine, you won’t be disturbed by the bright light and ultraviolet rays, so you can have a comfortable and decorative home.
3.High quality materials:Made of high quality PVC material, thickened base material,Surface with flash point,Sparkling under the light,The ordinary frosted glass pattern is fuzzy, and the flash glass paste pattern presents perfect effect,At the same time, the shielding effect is much better than ordinary ground glass paste.
4.Long Service Life:It has strong adhesion, electrostatic adsorption, no blistering, no residual glue, no warpage and no deformation.It can be repeatedly pasted on other glass surface after tearing. It can be repeatedly pasted on other glass surfaces after tearing off.Suitable For Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Office, Hotels, Classroom, Lobby, etc.
5.Easy installation:A clean and smooth glass surface without any dust,Tear the transparent protective film apart,Spray water on glass(soap water is even better),After the paste is done,Use a card to scrape the air and bubbles flat.