AMBOTHER 8Pcs Motorcycle LED Light Kit Strips Multi-Color Accent Glow…




Motorcycle LED Light Kit, AMBOTHER 8Pcs Car LED Interior Atmosphere Decorative Strip Accent Glow Neon Flexible Lights Lamp Kit , RGB Multi-Color Strip Light with IR Wireless Remote Control 12V

Range: 1-10m
Power: 12V DC
Functions: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, Blue Gree, White, Flashing, Jumping, Fading
All The Static Color with 4 Levels of Dimming
Multi Color Brightness & Speed Adjustable
Wireless Turn On/Off, Reset

Flexible Light Strip Benefits
Super bright LED’s
Flexible and durable strips
Transparent when not in use
Simple to install
For use with bikes, scooters and mopeds

Remote control function
4 Button Wireless Remote
A – Color/Cycle Select – the first 15 pushes are for the 15 different colors, push 16 activates the 7 color Loop function,
push 17 activates the 7 color Fade function, pushing again starts the cycle over.
B – Flash – Strobe effect produced by a 3 preset/programmed set number of flashes and a set time pause.
C – Fade – Smooth in and out from bright to dim LED power effect produced by a preset/programmed setting.
D – On/Off – Turn lights on and off.

Package Including
2 x 10cm LED strip (6LED lights in each)
4X 20cm LED strip (12LED lights in each)
2X 30cm LED Strip (18LED lights in each)
1 x Wireless key Remote Control
1 X remote control (15 color)
1 x motorcycle strip light
★( Pack of 8) 8pcs Motorcycle Mult-Color RGB Remote Flexible Strip Light Kit for Motorcycle Million colors!2 x 3.94″ 6LED strip+ 4 X 7.88″ 12LEDstrip+ 2 X 11.82″ 18LED LED Strip) ; Utilizing super bright RGB 5050 SMD LED. so it can be easily placed on your Motorcycle Car ATV SUV Vans. The Controller Lenght:32.68″. The light lenght wiht wire: 51.19″-55.91″. Total Lenght: 83.87″-88.59″. Our lamp come with enough long line to reach any part of the motorcycle or bicycle.