30-Count Egg Flats (18 Trays); Biodegradable Recycled Material Chicke…


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18-Pack of 30-Count Blank Egg Trays

These egg trays have so many uses you will be glad you got 18. Here are some possible uses:

Store and transport eggs

Separate eggs in an incubator

Create arts & crafts or children’s play material

Sort or separate small parts or even ship small or fragile parts

Create insect nests for feeder bugs (popular for roaches and crickets)–yes roaches LOVE nesting in cardboard / pulp

Make fire starters


All biodegradable chemical-free material with no dyes, can be composted or burned with no environmental harm

Made of recycled pulp

Each tray holds 30 eggs from size small to jumbo

Stackable empty or filled

18 trays included

Made in the USAVALUE PACK OF 18: Receive 18 empty trays
ECO-FRIENDLY: Biodegradable material, all recycled paper cardboard pulp fiber material, natural-colored, made in the USA
MULTI-USE: Use for eggs and egg incubation, but also great for insect-raising (crickets / roaches), or use for arts and crafts, storage and organization, or even for fire starters
SIZE: 12 inch x 12 inch x 2 inch tall when empty; WEIGHT: 2.4 ounces each