250pc Specbolt Suzuki RM two stroke Bolt Kit for Maintenance & Restor…




This Specbolt250 piece kit will save you many trips to the dealership for that special OEM fastener needed for all liquid cooled Suzuki RM 2 Stroke models. This includes RM60 RM65 RM80 RM85 RM100 RM100 Bigwheel or Expert RM125 & RM250. Your Bolt Kit will include just the right amount of factory match flange bolts, 6 fork guard, chain adjuster bolts, sprocket bolts and locking flange nuts, flange nuts, lock nuts, sealing washers, fender washers, head Philips screws, Allen bolts, and more. Most everything you need to perform basic maintenance and upkeep to your Motorcycle. Assortment of bolts for plastic, fenders, bodywork, engine, frame, seat, fuel tank, controls, carburetor, exhaust, pipe, silencer, radiators, handlebars, swingarm, skid plates, and more. These fasteners meet or exceed quality standards of your machine’s originals. A perfect addition to the racer’s tool kit and a must have for the do-it-yourself mechanics.250 pieces of original factory fit flange bolts, nuts, and fender washers
Suzuki OEM type; Strong heat treated 8.8 & 10.9 grade bolts
Big assortment of OEM style fasteners, sprocket, cotter pins, and fork guard bolts
Used for maintenance, repair, and or restoration of Suzuki RM 2 stroke Motocross Motorcycles
Complete and organized in a tough 18 compartment high impact poly storage box